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Our Services

Felek creates customized notebooks for both individuals and corporations. These notebooks can be used to tell your story and present your brand, support clients or commemorate an event or conference. Based on your requirements, these notebooks can be customized to have a company name or logo in screen print, foil print in gold or silver and leather embossing. The inside pages can also be tailored to include dates, schedules or any other specifications. 

Customizing Options


Make your notebook especially yours by embossing a name or date on the front cover. This is available in both leather and recycled hardcovers.

Foil Debossing

Felek notebooks can be customized with either gold or silver embossing, giving your company or the event you are hosting an elegant notebook design.

Screen Printing

Felek can also be customized with a screen print of a logo, a year or a name, allowing your notebook to have all the special features your company embodies.


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